Table 61 was the quintessential meeting place for crazy ideas, schemes, stories, and dreams. The craziness lives on with random postings about life, politics, technology, and apple pies. is my personal site for my non-professional and non-technological endeavors; the "TonyB Unplugged Site". "Why?" you may ask. "Why do this?" The answer is simple; money. Now I don't plan on having the site go viral or make millions on advertising or branded products. I'm not that creative, and that's not my goal. But if potential clients are browsing my work sites, and link to this, then perhaps this craziness will help them remember me. I don't need to convince them I'm the best, I just need my name to come to mind when they need someone. Once they've thought of me, then I need to prove my abilities. When I say, "Name a fast food restaurant" the odds are a few big ones will come to mind; McDonald's, Taco Bell, Arby's. My goal is to have my name come to mind when someone asks, "Who can we get to help us with this project?"

And why share my reasoning for this site? Because the above statement alone may make someone think of me.